Test series/Compiler

DT Mock Test

Price - ₹ 975

We will conduct a three part test series at different stages of your preparation to cement your understanding of the concepts and further your exam skills.

Tests will be conducted at 30%, 60% and 100% of the completion of the syllabus.100% of the concepts and syllabus will be covered over the 3 tests.

Checked papers will be personally reviewed by me and I will send you a video recommendation to highlight your strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for quick improvements for best results.

DT Compiler

Price - ₹ 600

Your ordinary compiler/ practice booklet will provide with a lot of examples despite covering only around 60-70% of the concepts with repetitions that sore you down. Our DT compiler covers the whole syllabus and concepts with all different and important examples without any repetitions.

Ideal time to solve the question is mentioned in the book for actual exam solving practice.

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